Academic Reference Formatting

Get peace of mind with Merudio's Academic Reference Formatting service. Ensure that your citations and references are correct, complete, and consistently formatted.

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Increase your chances of publication with expertly formatted, submission-ready citations and references.

Merudio's editors combine their expertise with the abilities of our best-in-class artificial intelligence technology, increasing their accuracy and impact. Trust them to review your citations and references meticulously to ensure their consistency and correctness.

What You'll Receive

Your editor will do the following:

We work with all style guides, in-house guides, and journal guidelines. Simply advise us of your preferred style guide or your target journal.

Formatting Sample

Click the image to see a detailed formatting sample. In addition, you can find the answers to frequently asked questions in our service-specific FAQs.

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Security and Privacy

We take your privacy and the security of your documents very seriously. We hold our editors to an extremely high standard, and all uploads and downloads are encrypted to protect you and your work. For more information about Merudio's security, please see our FAQs.

I was extremely satisfied with the editor's work on my dissertation! This was an extremely long document, which the editor gave their utmost attention to. The edits were excellent and improved the overall quality of the document, and the formatting was great! The editor worked to format and check all references and ensure APA style and was clearly a master in their field. Overall, I was very impressed with the service and would use this editor again!

Sean Mossey, Data Scientist, Associate Lecturer Analytic Skills and Statistical Analysis

University of Massachusetts Boston, U.S.A.

How It Works

Ensure your references are properly formatted in three simple steps.

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1. Place Your Order

Upload your academic document and get a quote. During the ordering process, you can specify your requirements and upload extra documentation (such as journal requirements) if needed.

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2. Sit Back and Relax

We will match your order to a professional editor who will begin working on your order immediately. If you already have a favorite editor, you can specify this during the ordering process.

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3. Collect Your Order

When your order is ready for collection, we will notify you by email. You can then download the order and publish your work with confidence!

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Academic Reference Formatting