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academic editing

Increase your chances of publication with Merudio's Academic Editing service. We believe that editing is most effective when it is provided by someone who understands your work. Our academic editors are subject-matter experts who combine their talents with our proprietary, best-in-class artificial intelligence technology.

What You'll Receive

Merudio's Early Draft Academic Editing service is more effective than similar services. In addition to helping you develop your content, our editors will also conduct a copyediting pass.

Your subject-matter expert editor will do the following:

  • Review your document for grammatical correctness and correct spelling
  • Check that field-specific terminology is used consistently and correctly
  • Review your document for sound logic, structure, flow, clarity of thought, and concise writing
  • Offer field-specific insight and critical commentary on your work's methods and approaches
  • Identify potential weaknesses in your research and suggest solutions
  • Ensure that your work adheres to your field's expectations in terms of writing style, formatting, and other conventions
  • Ensure that your work adheres to journal-specific guidelines, including references, or any style guide of your choice
  • Highlight additional opportunities to improve your chances of publication

Editing Sample

Click the image to see a detailed example. In addition, you can find the answers to frequently asked questions in our service-specific FAQs.

Merudio's Technology

Merudio's editors have access to the world's most advanced grammatical error correction tool, the Accelerator. Making use of machine learning, the Accelerator is an artificial intelligence–powered tool that is more accurate and more reliable than similar tools. As a result, Merudio's editors can devote more time and attention to providing important structural edits and constructive feedback and less time to hunting for typos.

Security and Privacy

We take your privacy and the security of your documents very seriously. We hold our editors to an extremely high standard, and all uploads and downloads are encrypted to protect you and your work. For more information about Merudio's security, please see our FAQs.

I use your service for structural editing, and it has been outstanding. The editors do a great job of ensuring a document flows well and has a consistent voice when there are multiple authors. Thank you for helping me create educational content for students and entrepreneurs.

- A.J. Wasserstein
Eugene F. Williams, Jr. Lecturer in the Practice of Management Yale School of Management, U.S.A.

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academic editing

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academic editing

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We will match your order to a professional editor who will begin working on your order immediately. If you already have a favorite editor, you can specify this during the ordering process.

academic editing

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When your order is ready for collection, we will notify you by email. You can then download the order and continue developing your document with confidence!

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Academic Editing