Artificial Intelligence

Taking the best of the modern and traditional editing spheres, Merudio has crafted a unique experience for writers and editors worldwide.

The editors at Merudio combine their expertise with the abilities of the Accelerator, the world's most advanced grammatical error correction tool on the market. The Accelerator is designed to greatly increase professional editors' ability to deliver the highest-quality service. Just as sculptors only use the finest tools to craft their masterpieces, we believe writers and editors should use only the most innovative technologies to draft high-impact writing.

How It Works

Computational approaches typically used to address grammatical error correction problems are based on rules, statistical analysis, or neural networks. The Scribendi Accelerator uses a unique proprietary model that combines deep learning, a subfield of machine learning concerned with algorithms (inspired by the structure and function of the brain) called artificial neural networks, with rules to solve the most complex grammatical error correction problems. It is trained on over 44-million unique sentence pairs.

In terms of speed, it has the ability to process 450,000 words per minute. In other words, it can automatically review the entire The Lord of the Rings book series, including The Hobbit, in just over a minute.

Designed for Scientific and Academic Writing

The Accelerator leverages 20+ years of experience in editing over 400,000 documents, ranging from highly technical scientific articles to complex philosophical arguments. As a result, it excels at correcting all types of scientific and academic writing.

By automatically detecting the errors in grammar, orthography, syntax, and punctuation that are the most common in these types of papers, the Accelerator assists professional editors in reviewing documents, ultimately helping researchers, scientists, and scholars succeed.

The Best Minds in Artificial Intelligence

Canada is a known leader in artificial intelligence. The Accelerator is proudly imagined and developed right here in Canada, which has the highest concentration of researchers and students of deep learning in the world.

Over seven years of development, the collaboration of Scribendi's in-house team of natural language processing engineers with the brightest minds in artificial intelligence from the University of Waterloo (Waterloo, Ontario) and McGill University (Montreal, Quebec) has allowed the Accelerator to become the best academic editing tool on the market.

Superior Quality

Comparative studies demonstrate that the artificial intelligence-based grammatical error correction tool used by Merudio's editors performs at a vastly superior level compared to other spell-checkers and similar commercially available tools.

The judgement of expert editors paired with their use of this technology allows Merudio to provide consistent and accurate contextual corrections, thereby delivering an unrivaled editing experience.

Insatiable Curiosity

Scribendi has continued to develop new editing technologies, including the Classifier, which enables genre classification at an extremely high level of accuracy by suggesting the right revision service for any document.

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