Can editing by a subject expert guarantee that my paper will pass the peer review process?

The editing provided by a subject expert cannot replace or guarantee success in the peer review process, as this process is managed independently by each journal, but editing can maximize your chances of success by offering the best preparation for peer review. Different peer reviewers will typically notice different issues during their reviews and will offer suggestions and critical evaluations based on these observations, while journals have to consider many factors when it comes to accepting articles, including how many articles have already been accepted and the particular focus and aims of both the journal as a whole and the current issue being prepared for publication.

Beyond the quality of the work itself, the current direction of the field and the personal interests and aims of each journal's managing editor will also have a major impact on what articles are accepted. However, the better your work, the better your chances. Editing by a Merudio subject expert—who will have experience with the peer review process—can provide that extra leg up on the competition to ensure that your work is in the best shape possible for peer review. The best editing is provided by someone who understands the theories, terminology, logical connections, and academic background of your work. Not only will your Merudio editor refine your language and writing and ensure clarity, consistency, and correctness, they will also be able to provide the following: