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Publishing workloads can be staggering, but they don't have to be. Take control of your day by partnering with Merudio.

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In addition to our array of existing services, Merudio can create custom services that are tailored to publishers' needs.

Let Merudio take care of the formatting, revision, proofreading, or any other stage of your editing or production cycle.

Custom Services

Merudio's powerful platform is able to serve the needs of your custom publishing workflow, including:

  • The recruitment and management of subject-matter expert editors and proofreaders
  • Revisions by editors with the knowledge and expertise required to enhance your writing, aided by a state-of-the-art grammatical error correction tool (Scribendi AI)
  • Deadline management to ensure your work is always returned by the agreed-upon deadline
  • Streamlined payment services for editors and editorial teams
  • Editorial style guides customized to fit the needs of your business

We know that no two publishers are the same, and we excel at finding solutions to best support project management for publishers.

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Merudio's Technology

Merudio's editors have access to the world's most advanced grammatical error correction tool, the Accelerator. Making use of machine learning, the Accelerator is an artificial intelligence–powered tool that is more accurate and more reliable than similar tools. As a result, Merudio's editors can devote more time and attention to making important structural edits and offering constructive feedback and less time to hunting for typos.

Security and Privacy

We take your privacy and the security of your documents very seriously. We hold our editors to an extremely high standard, and all uploads and downloads are encrypted to protect you and your work. For more information about Merudio's security, please see our FAQs.

Their editors make suggestions to improve the documents overall and ensure the authors' research is presented in a well-organized, clearly written, and concise manner. We deal with many articles each month for our biology and medical journals like The Journal of Medical Immunology Research, so these editing services are critical to managing our workflow.

- Xiaoqian Zhong
CEO Enoch Publishing Corporation, JiangSu, China

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