Quality Assurance

Merudio's strict quality assurance process ensures that our clients receive top-tier service. Our holistic approach covers all stages of quality assurance, from hiring to assessment to feedback.

We Hire Only the Top One Percent of Editors Who Apply

Our selection process is incredibly rigorous. In addition to proving their mastery of the English language, our editors must also possess the correct degrees.

We hire only a select handful of editors who meet our high expectations, and we equip them with our groundbreaking artificial intelligence-based tool, the Accelerator, to maximize their quality and accuracy.

You can be certain that your editor is an experienced professional with the expertise required to help you succeed.

We Staff a Full-Time Quality Department

Led by a designated Quality Manager, our in-house Quality Department conducts frequent quality assurance testing to ensure that our high standards are always met.

Prompt and clear resolution mechanisms ensure that you will be satisfied with your order. In the event of a customer concern, a meticulous quality review begins.

Rest assured that our team will work with you to ensure that you are satisfied.

We're Certified by the International Organization for Standardization

Our processes are ISO 9001 certified. Earned through intensive yearly audits, ISO certification is proof that an organization can consistently provide products and services that meet international customer and regulatory requirements. ISO certification is a badge of approval that demonstrates a company's dedication to continuous improvement.

Our clear and prompt processes prove Merudio's commitment to refining the client experience.

We Use Client Feedback to Drive Change

The best proof of our quality is our client feedback. We take our clients' words to heart in every decision we make.